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If you would like to book Dr. Stewart for any of the services listed below, please use the contact me page or email

1. Forensic Speech-Language Pathology/Expert Witness Services

I am available for expert witness/professional services for youth and adult cases. My services can include basic consultation, litigation strategic consultation and planning, cognitive and communication disorders assessment and report writing, testifying, depositions, screenings, and support. Please contact me for further information or inquiry. 

Expert Forensic SLP Services Offered


2. Professional Trainings

If you are interested in training for Law enforcement, correctional facilities, youth defenders, judges, youth justice personnel, school districts, and law schools please contact me. We have created state of the art specialized trainings for each of these professional areas. At this time we have trained over 1000 educators, clinicians, judges, attorneys, and other law related professionals - and counting!!!

3. Webinar or Guest Lecture

This service provides a 1-6 hour webinar or in person presentation specialized to the focus/mission of your audience and interest within my areas of specialty- juvenile forensic speech-language pathology, the school-to-confinement pipeline, multiculturalism in the clinical setting, or cognitive and communication disorders and its intersection with the criminal justice system.

Justice Scale

4. Research Consultation/Collaboration

If you are interested in an area of my expertise and would like to contract me to assist you in the research development - including brainstorming, analysis, grant writing, or collaboration please contact me!


Training Participant

Dr. Stanford and Davis did a great job taking the time to explain and walk through the steps of the various tasks. The hands on component was very helpful!

Webinar Participant

I learned the importance of being aware of wording in reports  and making sure goals and activities are Cultural, Appropriate, Applicable, Relevant and Valuable from this training!

Webinar Participant

I would 100% recommend Dr. Stanford's training to colleagues and other professionals. Her trainings never disappoint!

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