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 STND4YOU, Inc. Supporting Therapeutic Novel Diversion

4 Youth Oppressed & Underserved

Diverting the School-to-Confinement Pipeline for Black Youth with Disabilities


Who is STND4YOU, Inc. 

The acronym STND4YOU means, Supporting Therapeutic Novel Diversion 4 Youth Oppressed
& Underserved. STND4You, Inc is unique in the sense that our non-profit youth diversion program focuses specifically on working with black girls and boys with cognitive, communication, and language and learning disorders (including literacy, intellectual disabilities, syndromes, Autism, and neurological impairments – traumatic brain injuries, fetal
alcohol syndrome)." In addition, STND4YOU, Inc. also provides a cognitive and language intervention based specialty peer youth "court" and leadership program that addresses the developmental and academic needs of the youth and family while working on diverting them from entering or returning to out of home confinement spaces. Outcomes include the provision of supplemental wrap-around
services like speech-language pathology, counseling, advocacy and leadership programs, and literacy development as a part of the youth's successful completion of the STND4YOU diversion program (as needed) free of charge to the youth and their family. Especially focused at this moment on the development and leadership of Black girls.

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About Us

STND4YOU, Inc. is a non-profit youth peer diversion program located in the DC Metropolitan area providing pro bono clinical wrap-around services and youth diversion programs to at-promise youth with cognitive and communication disorders referred from the school and justice systems secondary to status offenses, and low-level violent and non-violent school and community related infractions. Our specific focus is providing leadership, advocacy, and mentorship services for Black girls and males.

Youth Social Services Organization Services

Combating the School-to-Confinement Pipeline and building Youth Leadership and Advocacy for Black Girls and Boys!

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Making a Difference One Child at a Time

2023 Education Conference

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Meet Our Founder Dr. Stanford!

STND4YOU, Inc., was founded by Dr. Shameka Stanford. Dr. Shameka Stanford is an Associate Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department at Howard University and the first and only Juvenile Forensic Speech-Language Pathologist in the United States. Dr.
Stanford is also a special education advocate trained by Robert Wright, Esq. and the Wright's Law training center. Dr. Stanford’s clinical and scholarly work specializes in Juvenile Forensics, Law Enforcement Interaction with youth with Cognitive and Communication Disorders (CCD),
child language disorders and the School-to-confinement pipeline. Her primary research focuses on the Confluence and Impact of cognitive and communication disorders on the school-to-confinement pipeline, status offenses, involvement with the criminal justice system, law enforcement interaction, and criminal recidivism in Black youth from under resourced areas placed at-risk for delinquency and crime. Dr. Stanford is also a clinically certified and licensed
child language disorders general speech-language pathologist.


7 Ways to Become an Exceptional Leader

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PO Box 788 Silver Spring, MD 20918


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